Grey Reverend

I’ve been trying for weeks now to do a proper write up of Grey Reverend, yet nothing I write seems to be an adequate description or expression of his music. This is a problem often encountered in music journalism, whether it’s Steve Hyden, one of the best in the business, or a rank amateur (hi there). We can talk about music, describe the pitch, tone, timbre, tempo, harmonies, instruments and lyrics, but words can only go so far.

The best I come up with are mere snippets of what I want to say: how L.D. Brown’s voice is hollow yet soulful, at times bright but also haunting. It doesn’t seduce or overpower you, it envelops you, surrounding you completely until there’s nothing left except you and his music. His debut album, Of The Days, was recorded in his living room, and thus gives an air of intimacy, as if you’re sitting next to him as he strums and sings his song. The instrumentation is minimal, but it still manages to fill the music to the point where any additional instrument would make the music feel too packed.

That may seem like a lot, but to me, it’s not enough. However, rather than force a description, I’ll let the music speak for itself.

Of The Days is available now, with a new album out sometime this year.



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