Years & Years – I Wish I Knew

“Never judge a book by its cover” is one of the first lessons we’re taught.It’s a saying that, while terribly cliché and not always applicable in the literal sense (if I see a book plastered with a half-naked Fabio clone and a woman staring daggers of lust into his eyes, chance are, I’m not going to like that book), is nonetheless important to be mindful of. Especially in music.

The lead singer of Years & Years, with his disheveled semi-afro and rail-thin frame, certainly doesn’t look like he’ll blow you away with his voice. And yet, that same slight, almost meek frame belies a booming, bright tenor which does exactly that. On “I Wish I Knew,” he harnesses it into a soulful croon that is nothing less than a delight. The song itself is a fun, bouncy affair, blending indie-rock and electronic to complement the singer’s serenade, with a simple but catchy guitar riff that carries throughout the song.

A five-man outfit from across the pond, Years & Years describes their sound as “a combination of synth and electronica with drums and guitars to provide a soundscape for achingly tender vocals to dance over.” Their EP is on iTunes and Spotify, and it’s well worth a listen.



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